Month: February 2016


“Let each generation tell its children about your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.” Psalm 145:4

Every once in a while I get on a trail. This time the trail is the word “generations”. Like the wisp of a rabbit’s scent carried in the wind, then wildly sniffed out in hyperventilating fashion, I can’t seem to shut it down. Perhaps it’s from recent exposure to 8th generation winemakers in France that’s stoked this obsession or that both of our children are maturing into adulthood, at lightening speed – growing more curious about family history and its influence in their lives as their futures unfold. Whatever it is I keep reflecting on the newest generation of winemakers that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the past year, many the children of winemaking families going back as far as seven generations. It is these winemaking “kids” that defy their generation’s stereotype.

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