Teena’s book update

I began my cookbook/memoir project almost 8 years ago. As I approach the finish-line I am so happy, and relieved, to announce that The Kitchen in The Cellar, a recipe for reinvention is in the final copy edit and design stages and expected to be released by late spring 2019.

Our miraculous Narrow Gate story, much of it set in beautiful El Dorado wine country, includes the early influences that led my husband, Farmer Frank, into agriculture and winemaking, and me into cooking. Ten adventurous vignettes indwell six chapters filled with over 100 recipes, most of which I’ve made for our winery’s food and wine pairing events. The vignettes narrate the adventurous steps of faith that we took, in the face of adversity, to pursue our dream of being reinvented, while colorful photographs of the recipes and of our life on the farm now, and before Narrow Gate Vineyards, bring the recipes and our journey to life.

Adding to this inspiring story is also a peek into the present life of my childhood cooking inspiration, Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet, with whom I have developed a blossoming friendship. 

Thank you all for your encouragement and for cheering me on in this project. We are almost there… but please don’t stop asking Is your book done yet?

With gratitude,

Teena Hildebrand

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